The vivid, intuitive and versatile software



lDk is a comprehensive Manager of Contents designed to cover all the management, conservation and online dissemination needs. 

We are leaders in the development of interactive files and multimedia archives. 

lDk bets on the online presentation of novel multimedia content of high quality, with a high graphic impact that allows the user to have a full and dynamic 2.0 audiovisual interactive experience. 


lDk is an online tool though to enable users and managers to work and consult contents from any place or device, the 24 hours of the day, from the Internet. 

lDk is intended for institutions, businesses, museums, centers and international galleries of any scale or theme. 


Please, contact us at any time to get the help you need for the resolution of your challenges, objectives and projects. We will be glad to assist you through a face-to-face or a Skype meeting. 




lDk borns from the complicity between liquidDocs and Croquis S.A. 



For more than 20 years, we have created Museums, Topic Centers, temporal and permanent Exhibitions, Publications, Webs, Audiovisuals, Interactive, Training Courses about Museography, and many more national and international high quality projects, for the improve, development and dissemination of the international Material and Intangible Cultural Patrimony. 


liquidDinamik promotes the shared knowledge, disseminates the social, business and cultural patrimony, and encourages and facilitates new experiences for users and visitors, based on the rigor and  the high quality of contents. 


Provides the maximum international visibility of collections, files and archives, identifying and satisfying the current needs of, companies and institutions, as well as, the new potential audiences. 


To improve the organization and the online and offline function of the entrepreneurial and patrimonial management, we offer new management mechanisms that bet on the excellence and the efficiency, through the use of the most recent 2.0 technologies.