Donosti Cup Torneo Internacional


Platform and 2.0 Web cluster with 2.0 Microwebs

Audiovisual and multimedia information Management

Content Geolocation and 2.0 Events


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Donosti Cup is the international soccer tournament that welcomes the biggest number of participants in Spain, and the 5th one in the world. More than 410 teams- 110 female teams included- that adds up to more than 8,000 participants. The teams come from 24 different countries of every continent. 


The challenge of lDk is to reinforce the values like the team spirit, the desire for self- improvement, the integration, the tolerance, the fellowship and many other more, that will be present during the week in the Donosti Cup. To that end, we have developed a powerful 2.0 platform that allows to the more than 8,000 participants of the tournament, to develop a motivational cultural exchange, before, during and after this event. 






The virtual headquarters of Donosti Cup, created with lDk, will allow the geolocation of all the activities realized in more than 23 headquarters, the free coordination of more than 5,000 web spaces, which are all 100% self-manageable by the participants, and all of that with a dynamic visualization of all the contents, organized by type of activities, teams and thematic areas. 






lDk complements Donosti Cup corporate web, and situates its activity in the world, offering and organized, stable and permanently updated space, where they offer free web spaces for all the participants. Furthermore, this platform can bring to the international public, the activities developed during this event, the testimonies of the participants and families, and the sportive processes. 


In addition, the 2.0 technology, allows the networking to Donosti Cup, and the sharing of contents with their international partners.