Museu d’Art de Lleida 

Inauguration 2018



2.0 Web platform with 2.0 Microwebs

Information management: 2.0 files and collections

Content geolocation and 2.0 conceptual Maps 


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In the framework of the museum planning of the city, the City Council of Lleida proposed the creation of the new Lleida Museu d´Art, which will open its doors in 2018. The new institution contains the historic and artistic baggage provided by Jaume Morera Art Museum, and intends to deploy all the cultural potentialities that had been highlighted in relation to the modern and contemporary artistic patrimony in the last years, and to continue with excellence the ambitious patrimonial program, artistic and expositive, of the Jaume Morera Art Museum.  


The principal challenge of lDk, has been the creation of a 2.0 platform that organizes, visualizes and geolocates the extraordinary funds and collections of this new museum. The future of the Museu d´Art de Lleida needs to share with artists, agents and international public all this information, and disseminate it online in a high graphic, intuitive and simple way. 






The virtual headquarters of the Museu d´Art of Lleida, created with lDk as a platform and a 2.0 web, allows the geolocation of the activities developed by the museum itself and others, all over the world, with a dynamic and organized visualization of the content, through different filters such as: chronological, alphabetical, by artists, styles, cultural movements and social theme areas.






lDk will situate the activities of the new Museu d´Art of Lleida in the world, offering an organized, safe and permanently updated space, where the projects launched can be shown and can bring to the public the most outstanding and emerging references of culture and Catalan and international current creation. 

Secondly, lDk will configure as the online dissemination center of the museum, which will approach the contemporary and modern art to the citizens, through a cultural program based in exhibitions and activities. The citizens will be able to participate actively in the museum activities, creating and sharing content thanks to the 2.0 technologies that offers lDk