Movement Arts

Dance in Cataluña (1996_2012) Culture Department, Generalitat de Cataluña




2.0 Platform and web cluster with 2.0 Microwebs

Audiovisual and multimedia information management: 2.0 files

Geolocation of the contents

Corporate Image

Exhibition and catalog design


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The exhibition “Artes del Movimiento. Danza en Cataluña (1966-2012)” is the result of a huge work of research by the curators. During this investigation important multimedia documentation was generated about the history of the contemporary and modern dance in Cataluña, which couldn’t be incorporated to the exhibition or to the catalog because of a problem of space. 


The two main challenges of lDk were, in 1st place the high visual and easy to navigate presentation of all the historical contents (more than 5,000 multimedia documents) and the creation of a 2.0 virtual cluster that allows the creators and interested agents, open free 2.0 Microwebs that updates permanently this online file. 





lDk offers a management tool for an important multimedia file about historic and current information. lDk allows customized filters, and a structured organization of the information, appropriate to the guidelines of the scientific curators. 





A big multimedia file of historic information in 3 languages, organized by origins, companies, creation centers, creators, collectives, platforms and festivals, organized by alphabetical, chronological and random criteria. A meeting point for the information about the dance in Cataluña, where a live and updated file about de memory of the dance is disposed.