Alhóndiga Bilbao_Azkuna Zentroa. 

3, 2, 1 International meeting of the New Scenic Forms




2.0 Web with 2.0 Microwebs, 2.0 Events

Audiovisual and Multimedia Management

Geolocation of the contents

Interactive face-to-face installation


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The triennial festival, 3,2,1, International meeting of the New Scenic of AlhóndigaBilbao_Azkuna Zentroa, has the theme of the new theater, the dance and its multiple forms. All of them get together and transform, to transmit artistic experiences, without any limits of space, time or format.  

In the 2014 convocation, liquidDocs was a special guest and presented the digital projects of lDk related with Culture and Performing Arts.

The challenge stated for lDk involves giving continuity to the activities of this event, ephemeral in the time and with intangible nature. Furthermore, an interactive space with a selection of the projects of lDk, was presented during the festival. 






The multimedia, self-manageable files of lDk, allows offering complementary information to the festival contents in the web of AlhóndigaBilbao_Azkuna Zentroa, where activities, performances and links of the invited agents to the 3,2,1 International Meeting of the New Scenic Forms, can be included and updated, as a cultural event expanded in time. 





A high quality, audiovisual and multimedia file, where the contents of the event, as well as, the specific Microwebs for the participants of the festival, its gathered. From the 2.0 site, created with lDk, you can consult all the activities done for the event, the artists and creator’s trajectory and its works. 


 During the festival, the visitant can consult online the different multimedia projects created with lDk in an interactive space, created specially for the event.