Exepare Basque Institute



Creation of the platform and cluster 2.0 Web with 2.0 Microwebs

Geolocation of contents and 2.0 conceptual Maps

Audiovisual and multimedia information Management: 2.0 Files and Collections


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The Etxepare Basque Institute is an entity dependent on the Basque Government, whose objective is to promote and disseminate the Basque language and culture abroad. The institute develops led, produced, managed or supported projects, to promote the Basque culture in institutions, events and universities all over the world.  


The main challenge for lDk has been the creation of a 2.0 online platform that organizes, visualizes and geolocates all the high quality multimedia information that Etxepare produces daily. Etxepare needed to share with his agents and international partners all this information, and disseminate it online in a highly graphic, intuitive and simple way. 


At the same time, Etxepare asked us for a tool easy to use and to manage that allows to update the entire contents daily, with hyperlinks and high quality images. 





The virtual headquarters of Etxepare, created with lDk, allows the geolocation of the activities developed all over the world, with a dynamic and organized visualization of the contents through filters such as: chronological, alphabetical, by type of activities and by thematic or work areas. 







lDk complements Etxepare institutional web, and situates its activity in the world, offering and organized, stable and permanently updated space, where the projects launched can be shown. Furthermore, this platform can bring to the public the most outstanding and emerging references about the current Basque culture and creation. In addition, the 2.0 technology of lDk, allows Etxepare the networking and the share of the contents with its international partners.