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The virtual 2.0 magazine, Fanbook. Art & Live Art, promotes the importance of the emotion as a motor of the scenic arts, the body and movements, performing arts. 

lDk challenge has been developing the 2.0 version of the Fanbook, being conscious of the complexity required to make that emotion appear, maintain and being transmitted with intensity, potency, depth and innovation. 






The Fanbook.Art & Live Art 2.0 virtual magazine, created with liquidDinamik allows an innovative presentation of the editorial contents of the magazine, with a dynamic, audiovisual and multimedia visualization, organized as book/ interactive magazine. 

Furthermore, through lDk, Fanbook pretends to grow until its structured and works as an independent, international cluster, a new linked web of professionals and entities, creators and platforms, projects and promoters, institutions and businesses. 






lDk has created for Fanbook and editorial tool, which is easy to use and manage. Is the emotion that makes launch projects, the emotion felt through the creative processes between all the people involved, and finally the emotion transmitted to the spectator.


Just as the emotion has a lot of facets, moments and colors, lDk has allowed to adapt the Fanbook editorial project in paper, to the new 2.0 technologies, with the objective of catching this rich cultural complexity, and presented it to the new potential public.