Special Guests 



2.0 Web and Microwebs, Multimedia and audiovisual information management

Geolocation of the contents and the creation of conceptual 2.0 Maps

2.0 Events and publications


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Special Guest is a team that works through the interdependence, where different suggestions, esthetics, ideas and principles are presented. A platform is offered where innovative works, full of talent, professionalism and creativity, are shown by restless and entrepreneurial professionals, that look for originality and innovation.





The Special Guests 2.0 web, created with lDk allows an innovative presentation of the contents of the members of the platform, with a dynamic, audiovisual and multimedia visualization, organized according to the interests of the creator guest. 

Furthermore, through lDk, Special Guest aims to grow until is structured and functions as an interdependent and international cluster, a new network interconnected by professionals and entities, creators and platforms, projects and promoters, institutions and companies. 





The 2.0 web created by lDk for Special Guests, allows to travel through the contemporary creativity, a journey through memories, suggestions and sensations, organized by cities and tags, like a travel diary by restless and curious professionals.