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cityShops* is an online entrepreneurial project and for entrepreneurs, established with the objective of creating and promoting a 2.0 social platform, adapted to the needs of the new generations and of the innovative, restless and cosmopolitan users. 

lDk main challenge has been the creation of this platform, that currently has more than 300 stores all over Spain.

liquidDinamik classifies, presents and geolocates all the audiovisual, multimedia and high quality information, that cityShops* and its clients generate daily. 

cityShops* needed to offer 2.0 web spaces to its clients, which are 100% self-manageable by them and can be disseminated online, in a high graphic, instinctive and easy way.






cityShops* bring together different types of innovative stores, businesses and companies in different Spanish cities. Shops that offer high quality products (from articles difficult to find, to handmade and local products), which present the latest trends of international emerging creators and designers, and accompany the users in the knowledge of articles and novelties, with the intention of helping, advising and surprising them. 

From lDk we guarantee that cityShops* offers a unique database of interesting places and tendencies to go shopping, travel or plan a weekend in the most outstanding cities. 






lDk opens up the international access to find in cityShops* shops, stores and businesses organized by locations and all type of products. lDk self-management allows the periodical update of the products filters of cityShops*, to adapt to the continuous novelties of the market.  

Furthermore, the user disposes of photos, videos, GoogleMaps geolocation of the stores, detailed descriptions, work schedules, sales, promotions and many other services.