The ADVANCED Pack includes:

ADVANCED Software Pack lDk + face-to-face course + Customizable

2.0 Web creation tutorial 


The ADVANCED PACK service consists of creating a customized 2.0 Web for the client, including the general coordination, the production and the graphic design adapted to the corporate identity of the client and the insertion of the following multimedia contents:


1 Dynamic FRONT PAGE


Design and customization, with pictures or videos, of the client main FRONT PAGE. 

Click here to see an example of the FRONT PAGE. 


1 Static HOME


Design and customization of the main HOME of the Client, with a Main menu.

Click here to see an example of a HOME


10 Statics SUBHOMES


Design and customization of 10 SUBHOMES. Each Subhome introduces different themes or categories determined by the client.

Click here to see an example of a SUBHOME


3/5 FILE, FUND, CATALOGUE: 150 Pieces/ Microweb Files 


Design and customization of the client Microwebs. Implementation of multimedia content in 150 Microwebs.

Click here to see an example of a FILE


5/10 GENERAL Information PAGES


For example: Contact. Links. Legal Warning. Copyrights. Site Map.

Click here to see an example of a PAGE


From the publication of these online contents, the client can start managing their own Web, catalog and all its contents with full autonomy and continue editing, creating and modifying unlimited content, thanks to the COURSE taught by lDk and the included TUTORIAL.


Please, contact us at any time to get the help you need for the resolution of your challenges, objectives and projects. We will be glad to serve you through a face-to-face or a Skype meeting. 







Comprehensive management of the information


lDk allows the management, the editing, the design and the online reconversion of the client online content, adapting it to a new management and use of the information, that can be permanently updated. 


2.0 Files, Catalogues, Product lines 


lDk allows the organization, coordination, implementation and research of multimedia content. From lDk you can create new files and interactive tours that introduce the user to the content, works and products from innovative, thematic and conceptual, points of view. 


2.0 Websites 


The software makes easier the creation of different types of Websites 2.0 (Microwebs) and open networks for users, both public and private, fully adapted to the corporate image of the client. 


Content Geolocation


lDk Software uses the new content geolocation service through the use of Files/Microwebs 2.0 creating networks, files, collections, products lines, catalogs and publications from GoogleMaps, to enhance original geospatial approaches.


Constantly updated 


The daily information (News, Calendar, Events...) can be permanently updated, in a easy way and with a versatile design. 


Concept maps, networks and virtual offices 


The creation of Concept Maps on GoogleMaps, personalized for each client, in the different areas of knowledge and production. This service allows the client to manage Virtual Offices, from maps on GoogleMaps. 


2.0. Expositions and Events


This service provides the sustainability over time, constantly updating the information, making the preservation and dissemination of the contents easier, outside the temporary and physical limitations of temporal and face-to- face exhibitions and events.


Education and Training 


The client can self-manage infinite Microwebs 2.0, for the scheduled training and participated activities, creating a 2.0 multimedia file of materials and contents, open to the community of users, students, further education centers, schools or universities. 


2.0 Catalogues and Publications 


Allows editing 2.0 online publications, where each page is a 2.0 multimedia tool, 100% self-manageable and updatable in real time. The publications, catalogs, files and products lines, can be open to the user, accessing them safely.