What do we offer you? 



liquidDinamik Software is 100% self-manageable by the client.


A customizable 2.0 Web platform, adapted to the client corporate identity.


An unlimited load of multimedia content by the client.


Online creation and presentation of 2.0 multimedia files (collections, funds, product lines...)


100% flexible Graphic Design.


Content coordination and organization.


Geolocation of the contents.


Link with client’s social networks.


All contents can be shared on social networks.


2.0 contents and files, opened for user participation.


More than 21 languages.


Management and support for the domain registration. 


Technical support, advice and maintenance.


PDF dossier tutorial delivery (Software operation).


Web Hosting (optional). 




Advantages of working with us



lDk is different, offers multiple, intuitive and interconnected resources to cover all the operational needs.  


Customized assistance, training courses and a periodically updated tutorial. 


We enhance and open new access. 


We consolidate the client´s image at all levels. 


An increase in the number of visits and/or sales.


High performance and optimization of the material and human resources.


We synchronize the information of the internal database with the data publishable in the web page.


Sustainability over time, permanently updated