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The need of connecting creators, agents, companies, entities and agencies of the international scene, for the transmission, generation and dissemination of knowledge, is a reality in this knowledge-based society, which is in a constant change and transformation. 

We need a network of networks, a projects and tendencies lab, to establish solid and efficient links in this world of creativity, innovation, technology and business. 




lDk has created a 2.0 platform, which is intuitive and easy to use and to update, to show important initiatives and projects from different sociocultural disciplines. Files, collections, catalogs and 2.0 webs where new multimedia resources and high quality digital content can be shared, disseminated, geolocated and communicated. 




The 2.0 web platform, created by lDk for liquidMaps, counts with 1,000 user members, more than 35,000 high quality contents shared by more than 80 universities, 650 theatres, 60 museums and creation centers, which make this platform the biggest 2.0 online platform of Material and Intangible Cultural Patrimony in Spain.