What is lDk?


lDk is a comprehensive Content Management System, designed to meet all the needs of management, conservation and online dissemination.


What makes us different?


We are leaders in the development of interactive multimedia files and collections/pools/backgrounds. 


lDk supports for an online presentation of innovative high quality content, with high graphic impact, which allows the user to have a full and dynamic audiovisual interactive experience 2.0.


What can you do with lDk?


Optimize to the maximum the use of the information for its internal management and external dissemination with the best security guarantee.


Where and when?


lDk is an online tool designed for managers and users, allowing them to work and consult content from any place or device, available 24 hours from the Internet.


How much?


The versatility of lDk Software allows a high profitability of costs, optimizing to the maximum the material and human resources.


For whom?


lDk is aimed at institutions, companies , museums, international galleries or  centers of any scale or theme.


Why lDk?


Given the increase in the complexity and diversity of multimedia information that companies and institutions handle, lDk is the suitable software to manage, conserve and disseminate funds, collections, files, product lines, catalogs...  




lDk is a software designed with simple, friendly and intuitive interfaces that enable a versatile operability, usability and navigability for both internal

management and online dissemination.