Technological specifications of lDk



liquidDinamik Software structure


The distinguishing feature of liquidDinamik is that both, the management and the consulting of the introduced information are done through different interfaces, GoogleMaps cartographic interface and new file and 2.0 multimedia content visualization systems, among others. 


These systems allow showing a large amount of information in a small space, and filter it through several general filters (chronological, alphabetical and random), as well as customized filters according the individual needs of the client and its contents. 


The bonding and interrelation between these new interface-systems and the GoogleMaps interface, generates a powerful tool and at the same time a great, entertaining and playful visualization of the 2.0 multimedia content, enhancing the implementation of networks in the own platform and to the outside, and login into all their pages with the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest among others).


The project is being developed entirely in open source (Open Source) in combination with the use of API (Application Programming Interface) that GoogleMaps® offers to the developers: Java, Javascript, AJAX, PHP and MySQL database management.


Both, for the purpose of information consult and for the management and introduction of contents, the system is accessible through the main web browsers of the Internet: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari.



Simple and intuitive interfaces


Structurally, the application is presented as a network service based on 2 very different user interfaces:

Content Management and public View:


-Content management:


The liquidDinamik Software is an online tool that enables customers (through a safe access) to incorporate, archive and organize large and varied multimedia information (pictures, videos, web pages, links, documents, access to social networks, among others).

It allows a 100% comprehensive management of these multimedia content. The authorized client can access to the following tools and utilities developed for the incorporation, management and thematic organization of the information:

_ Importation and exportation of data (XML, GPX, XLS).

_Edition of the information.

_ Incorporation of multimedia Web files/spaces where they can add texts, photos, webcams, videos, audios, web links, PDF documents and social networks.

_ Content and points of interest geolocalization. 


-Public View


It is the public part of liquidDinamik system and its accessible through a web browser. From an assisted filter system, the user can access to all the information that has been previously introduced via the Content Manager.

liquidDinamik user accesses to the web address of the client, which allows the access to all the incorporated information.

liquidDinamik includes a powerful search engine through filters and incorporates a geographic location (on GoogleMaps) search, by names and tags.

Furthermore, the decision to establish an online service has been motivated by several advantages that entails:


_ The information visualization: its adapted to a wide range of terminals, independently of the operating system from which the browser is running.

_ Portability: the content manager is not tied to a particular environment (operating system, application server, processor...), because it works online, and this allows the client and the users to have fully access from anywhere, as long as they have Internet connection.

_ Compatibility: compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and other servers.



MySQL Management System


liquidDinamik works by the MySQL management system, a relational, multithreading and multiuser database management system, with more than six million installations all over the world.

MySQL is a relational database that stores data in separate tables, rather than putting all the data in one big file. This allows a really high speed and flexibility. The tables are connected by defined relations that make possible to combine data from different tables, customizing them.



Efficiency and Maintenance


The manager can support peaks of a big number of users and ensures a high availability of the application. 

liquidDinamik ensures a permanent maintenance of the Software and the content Manager, especially regarding the detection and reparation of possible errors.