Design Highlights






Efficient interfaces for the administration of the management teams, and easy to consult for the presentation of funds, catalogues and collections for new potential users. 

From lDk you can create 100% customizable Webs, publish databases and develop files, collections, catalogues, products lines, exhibitions and 2.0 events, displayed in an attractive, easy and intuitive way for the users. 

We also create tailored 2.0 Webs to companies and institutions, and we manage the funds, files, catalogs and product lines.


Corporate Identity


lDk helps to enhance the corporate identity of the client, recognizable by the public. Communicates the clients offer in an intuitive way, and makes the search useful, attractive and simple. 

lDk gets a singular, effective, sustained and quality positioning.


Easy, quick and economical organization for the development of temporary projects and actions, optimizing the resources and results. 

We develop 2.0 communication digital strategies, customizables for each client. 




The Software allows the customization of the Web design, with a high flexibility intended to the continuous renovation of the content presentation.

This flexibility allows total autonomy, both for the information upload and layout, and for the subsequent publication, update and maintenance. 




lDk, is an extraordinarily quick and interactive tool for users and new audiences. The multimedia content provides the dissemination of the contents and the transfer of knowledge in a friendly way.

 100% hiperlinkable and multimedia contents that provide a stable and organized database.  

It connects easily with the user and allows to develop 2.0 interaction and access to new clients and audiences. 




lDk Software is constantly updated, introducing improvements in a close collaboration with our clients and users.

We set ourselves each project like a technological innovation challenge, with the objective of making unique, efficient, and high excellence products, regarding the brands of our clients.