Entrepreneur and SME


Create and manage your business web.


With lDk create your business web, manage your information daily and present your products and services in the network.

lDk is the suitable software for the online management and administration daily work of SME´s and entrepreneurs.


lDk allows you to create, design, manage and update in real time your business web, in an easy and intuitive way and without needing any computer skills.


lDk is a high security tool that manages all the digital registers of the clients, suppliers, internal team and producers in a 100% safe and private space.

The lDk software is designed to cover all the new challenges of the multimedia information management, which we are facing nowadays, both, in the internal management, and in the online dissemination.


Connect your business with your potential customers. Through the file service you can present, in an agile and complete way, all your products and services with multimedia information, organized in a customized way according to the specific needs of your business profile.


Furthermore, it allows you to be connected with your clients and users network, through the main social networks you are present in.


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